Azaleas in Tissue Culture

We have been diligently working with the tissue culture lab at the Institute for Sustainable and Renewable Resources (ISRR) in Danville to produce the azalea plantlets for our exclusive production and promotion. First delivery of plants from the lab will be spring 2011.

‘White Spider’ - a beautiful, white petaloid azalea developed by the late Dave Wagner in Burtonsville, MD, and introduced by Don Hyatt, Fairfax, VA. Don is a national authority on azaleas and rhododendron, and we are proud to have him as a member of the Beautiful Gardens’ plant selection committee.

‘Koromo-shikibu’ – following the spider theme, ‘Koromo-shikibu’ is a fragrant, lavender petaloid azalea that makes a great companion for ‘White Spider’ because they are both early spring bloomers.

‘Sandra’s Green Ice’ - a Virginia plant from start to finish, Dr. Sandra McDonald of Hampton, VA selected and named the best seedling from a cross made by Don Hyatt. Flowers are a pale yellow green to the base, shading to white toward the margins.