New Daylily Introduction

' 'VT Spirit' Hemerocallis      PPAF

Flower Color: Burnt orange with maroon eye and ruffled maroon edge above orange throat
Exposure: Full sun for at least 6 hours per day.Zone: 6-9
Moisture: Prefers moist conditions during the growing season
Size: 23" tall and 18-24" wide
Outstanding Features: flowers appear in late May/early June
                                     re-blooming continues through August
                                     a vigorous grower with evergreen foliage
                                     no seed pods

The first plants will be available through Brent & Becky's Bulbs in the Spring of 2012.

Our daylily is a new plant introduction that has been registered with the American Hemerocallis Society and will be marketed under the name ‘VT Spirit’. Hybridized by Linda Pinkham, former co-owner of Smithfield Gardens, and developed by Dr. Rumen Conev. Dr. Conev searched published literature on embryo rescue and found that there was no developed media for procedure, so he experimented with adopting a medium for Lilium which resulted in the embyro rescue of the first triploids with 'VT Spirit' being one of them.

‘VT Spirit’ is a triploid daylily that took a blue ribbon at the Richmond Daylily Show and a yellow ribbon at the Tidewater Daylily Show during the summer of 2008. With beautiful orange and maroon flowers beginning to show in late May/early June, flowering continues through August. In addition to an extended bloom period, ‘VT Spirit’ is also a vigorous grower with evergreen foliage.

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Contact: Lisa Lipsey, , for further information.