Helleborus ×hybridus Pine Knot Strains

lenten rose

Hardiness Zones: 4-9  

Size: Grows 12-18" tall by 18-24" wide with shiny dark green leaves

Outstanding Features: Seed strains developed by Dick & Judith Knott Tyler of Clarksville, VA for their superior range of flower colors and types. Evergreen perennial unpalatable to deer & voles. Rounded 1-2 inch flowers appear in mid to late winter and last until May in colors ranging from green, white, pink, burgundy, yellow and deep purple and almost black – with or without spots. Can be single, semi-double or, occasionally, double.

Landscape Uses: Mass plantings; groundcover; mixed borders

Care: Plant in well-drained humus-rich soil. Drought tolerant after established. Part sun or shade. Cut foliage back in fall to make blooms show off better.

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